Pokémon Go is the latest craze. I downloaded it and I do not see the obsession. I would rather play the card game Pokémon but, That's just me. However, everyone is using it.  It is a pretty fun game. It explains how you need to gather up as many Pokémon as you can. The game also gives you Pokeballs to do it.Once you have downloaded Pokémon Go, you get there and then turn the camera on. Walk around with it in your area and find the Pokémon.  No problem, right? Wrong! There are no places in Yakima Valley to gather up Pokémon's.

Places that should be Pokestops for Pokémon Go App in Yakima Valley but aren't are:

The Museum on Tieton

The Union Gap Mall

Legends Casino

Yakima River [anywhere]

Ellensburg Canyon

Have you played? Go check it out. I think it is stupid but, had a little fun while doing it. Again no stops in our area!