Pokefans have prayed for it and kind of got it with Pokemon Black and White (along with their sequels), but now they're getting a true Pokemon adventure in 3D!

Nintendo dropped the big news this morning that two new Pokemon games, called Pokemon X and Y, will be coming out later this year in October. It's a full 3D adventure with a whole new generation of Pokemon and a brand new region to explore.

The announcement trailer for the 3DS game featured a short introduction by the franchise's beloved Pikachu and shows off the games' new graphics, complete with dynamic camera angles during battle and a few of the new critters.

The new starting Pokemon are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, which look to be a grass-type squirrel, a fire-type fennec fox-like creature, and a water-type toad. You can see these guys in action down in the announcement trailer below.

And the best part is that you can look forward to the game when it drops in October in all regions! That's right, folks, we're getting a simultaneous release for this Pokemon game! Let us know what you think about all of the shiny new Pokestuff in the comments section below!