Maynard James Keenan is truly an enigma. Just when you think you've figured him out, a surprise left turn leaves the listener disoriented but fascinated still. For the next installment of a staggering number of releases from Puscifer, the band is soon to unveil 'What is…' and as a teaser, the group's performance of 'Toma' from the DVD has been unveiled.

Puscifer's 'What is…' CD/DVD showcases a full set from the act along with sketch comedy interwoven within the band's set. 'What is…' promises to be a unique look into the bizarre inner workings of Puscifer, as Maynard Keenan has staunchly condemned fans who film performances of all three of Keenan's bands; Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. With this fact well-known amongst Keenan's followers, 'What is…' offers a rare pullback of the curtain for those who haven't yet experienced Puscifer live.

During an incredibly tight performance of 'Toma,' the footage cuts to Maynard Keenan's pseudo-redneck character filling up a toy tractor's scoop with beer while sitting at a child's tea party setup. The unique and sudden switch of musical performance to comedic sketch is a strange one, but it works. This video of 'Toma' doesn't feel self-indulgent or out of place, as the talent of each Puscifer musician is showcased before the cutaway to Maynard and his white trash mullet. Even then, the focus comes back to Puscifer as a whole so the group can finish 'Toma' together.

Definitely check out Puscifer's video for 'Toma' from the band's upcoming 'What is…' CD/DVD. 'What is…' will become available on Nov. 26. To pre-order the live audio, click here. And for those of you looking to buy the DVD, head over to the official Puscifer web store on Nov. 26.