Aside from the escalation of protests during the National Anthem at the beginning of NFL football games over the weekend, the message from Seattle Seahawk DT Michael Bennett has been the same.

Even as other organizations were generic in their statements, the Seahawks have handled the issue straight ahead detailing the specifics of why the protests are happening.

Like many a life long Seahawks fan, torn by loyalty to family and supporting the rights of individuals to peacefully protest, one fan living next to the practice facility it's a daily struggle.

Renton resident Dayna Mink Coats was passing the practice facility near her home today when she noticed a car parked in the road.

She thought it was an accident.

She took out her phone to start taking pictures when she noticed it was not an accident - Bennett had seen the group of veterans gathered outside the stadium and had stop to engage them.

"Today, as I was leaving my driveway, there was a car stopped in the middle of the road and a small crowd of people standing alongside the road. I thought it might be a car accident so I snapped a picture," Coats explained in her now viral Facebook post about seeing the group of vets.

"The car in the middle of the road…it was Michael Bennett’s,' Coats said. "He had been on his way to practice, saw them and stopped. He was out of his car and having a conversation with them."

The pictures she snapped show the impromptu meeting.

Like many football fans trying to make sense of the current debate, Coats told Bennett how 'torn' she had been since her husband is in the military.

"He explained how he too had family members in the military," Coats wrote. "He talked about a lot of things I knew were coming from his heart, too. The word unity was used several times and he admitted he didn’t know where to go from here. I do not know either. Nor do I know what the correct answers are… but I do know, I am thankful for those veterans and thankful Michael stopped to talk with them… and inadvertently me."

The Seahawks play the Indianapolis Colts with pregame starting at 3:00 pm here on KATS FM this Sunday.

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