Sebastian Bach's new album 'Give 'Em Hell' has just been unleashed and the metal vocalist has never sounded stronger. The former Skid Row singer has enlisted the help of a few notable friends including Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens and guitarist John 5, who, as detailed in this interview, has quite an interesting history with Bach.

When we caught up with Bach, he discussed the new album, a cool tidbit about John 5, his upcoming touring plans and his take on the recent controversy surrounding KISS' induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Check out our interview with Sebastian Bach below:

Sebastian, congratulations on a ferocious new album. Thinking back to the beginning of the process, is 'Give 'Em Hell'  the album that you set out to make?

There is something I always try to explain to people that don't make records: Imagine walking into a room that is empty with absolutely nothing in it. And then in a year from now you're going to come out with something that you are so proud of that you'll stand behind it for the rest of your life. That's the process and it's a weird one. I have no real rules or method to how I approach a new record other than to make something that will absolutely kick your ass as hard as it f---ing  can. That is the only plan.

When you buy the CD or download it or whatever, and you hit play, I want your first reaction to be: "Holy f---ing s--t, this is kicking my ass!" [Laughs] Honestly, I just want to make something that you're going to love. The thing with the record is, long after you're dead and gone these things continue. In 100 years from now I want people to still be listening to 'I Remember You' right along with 'Give 'Em Hell.'

The album has a really nice flow to it. How involved do you get with the sequencing of the songs?

I'm really into sequencing. One of the biggest enemies in life to me is the shuffle button on iTunes. In the studio, I really become a ruthless and miserable prick when it comes to the details like sequencing. My producer actually calls me "Mr. Poopy Pants" because of how much crap I put out there. But then I become like the Incredible Hulk once I get what I want. I go from being the most miserable prick on the planet to the happiest guy on earth. Every detail of the new album matters to me, especially the sequencing, because of all the moods that it can create. All that said, I am amazingly proud of this record. If you loved 'Monkey Business' back in 1991, I just don't know how you could not love this record.

You've got some great guests on the album including John 5. How'd you like collaborating with him?

What's funny is he is a huge fan of what I do and really loved what my old band used to do. So now I'm going to give you a piece of trivia just for Loudwire. If you go back and look at the Skid Row video for the song 'Piece of Me' and you see me toss a blonde dude off the stage into the crowd, that is John 5! It's true. He was such a huge fan back then and so when he read in a magazine that we were shooting a video and needed some extras he worked his way to the front of the line. You can go freeze-frame it. It's insane. Sebastian Bach and John 5's first official collaboration! [Laughs]

What are your touring plans with the new album?

The good news is I think I'm playing every single major festival in Europe this summer and a bunch of American dates, too. I just got about 45 dates from my management and so I'm excited. What's weird is, these days America seems kind of behind Europe and South America as far as supporting rock. The cultures in Europe and South America take this music very seriously. You should see some of the bills over there. And I mean, why can't we have a show over here featuring Aeromith, Motley Crue, Sebastian Bach and Hatebreed, tonight? That's just off the top of my head! Those bills happen all the time all over the world. I just played Australia opening up for Aerosmith and Van Halen. Why can we do that in Jersey?

Sebastian, what was the album growing up that had the biggest effect on you?

That's an easy one, the live album 'Unleashed in the East' by Judas Priest. I'll never forget when my best friend played it for me and he had to explain to me that Rob Halford's voice was actually a person. I thought it was a guitar! I never thought a human voice could ever sound like that and to this day that's the album that I listen to and sing along to before going on tour, to get my high notes down.

Sebastian, finally, you're a huge KISS fan. What's your take on all the controversy that surrounded the band's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction?

Okay, I've been asked this a lot lately but I haven't really told anybody my thoughts. Here's what I will tell you though. People, fans on the outside, never see all there is to really see. There is a reason that this thing is called 'show business.' The 11-year-old in me would love to see Ace and Peter play with Gene and Paul. But the 46-year-old man in me understands why Gene doesn't want to play with Ace and Peter. I have a new book coming out, my memoir, and I go into more of this in detail. But I totally get why things are the way they are.

Our thanks to Sebastian Bach for taking the time to chat with us. Pick up his new album 'Give 'Em Hell' at iTunes, and see his upcoming tour dates here.

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