It is completely sad to me what is happening in Texas. I honestly never dreamed that a natural disaster like Harvey would take out Houston, which is further inland than places like Galveston, which is virtually an island of the Gulf of Mexico or even Texas City. Galveston was completely demolished in 1900 by a hurricane, believe or not, that was more devastating than Harvey has been so far. I wonder if Galveston had social media back then, how many lives would have been saved? Harvey has taken many, I am sure. We will find out soon enough. So sad. But, with the help of social media like Facebook and Twitter several lives have been saved. They reached out when 911 was not working. A couple of families actually used social media to cry for help when they were stuck in the path of Harvey. I have never really been a big fan of any social media platform, but it really did help these family's when they couldn't get any other help.

After these families were saved, I have rethought my position on social media.

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