I'm a nerd, I love sci-fi in all forms, via Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Firefly, Far Scape, etc. etc. But my heart was broken last week with Lucasfilm/Disney's announcement that the "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars will not be considered "Cannon". What that means if you're not in Nerd Rage like myself and many others, is all of the stores that we have loved for the past 30 years that took place before & after the movies are going to be considered fan fiction. That means, Luke never married Mara Jade, never had a son named Ben Skywalker, Han & Leia didn't have 3 kids, with one falling in battle, one going to the dark side and the other saving the galaxy, and Boba Fett is DEAD along with 100's of other stories. Many fan's are just as pissed, so I know I'm not alone. Just check out The Star Wars Books Facebook threads in the past week. I mean if I wanted to read stories and question whether they actually happened, I could read an actual history book! (Joke intended).

Some people say that everything needs to be "rebooted" like Spider-man & Batman in recent years, to that I say... do we really want Han shooting 3rd? There are some good things about this though... with the Expanded Universe being deemed non-cannon, that means that the Emperor never came back 3 times in the form of clones. Chewbacca didn't die from getting crushed by a moon, Luke never went to the Dark Side, and Jar Jar never had a high midichlorian count (ala untrained Jedi).

Lucasfilm/Disney did say that all of the future releases from now on, whether be video games, books, comics or TV shows & movies will be considered cannon and that the future story writers can pic and choose from the previous EU cannon to fill in gaps. So we might just see Luke's hot red-headed wife Mara Jade, we might see Leia using a light saber, we might see Zombie Storm Troopers... yes that did happen in the original EU.

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The one thing that I really wonder, and would love to find out, is how great Star Wars authors like Timothy Zahn & Drew Karpysyn feel about their many amazing works being now dubbed "Fan Fiction". And one last thing I would like to point out in my nerd rant... you may take away our beloved Expanded Universe... but accordnig to your new rules... Wilfred Brimley did party with Ewoks, Mandalorian are peaceful, Darth Maul didn't die after getting cut in half, Bea Arthur was Achmena the bartender, and STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL DID HAPPEN!!!!!!