Ellensburg's Got It Going On
I love walking around downtown Ellensburg. Cool old buildings, restaurant's and shops. If it weren't so far away from work I'd love to live in one of the lofts above one of those downtown establishments but the drive (especially in the winter) can be brutal and I have a 2001 Nissan Al…
Deep breaths, people
While the date April 20 has allowed us some lighthearted fun poking at "potheads," historically the week leading up to, and including, 4/20 has been one of notorious bloodshed in our country.
Dopers' delight
While the origins of the term "420" remain murky at best, the fact that there have been dozens of songs written about marijuana is indisputable.
420 Songs For You To Jam Out To (VIDEO) (NFW)
It is 420! Lots of songs to choose from to celebrate this excellent day! Todd E. Lyons Esq has posted his top 5 420 songs! I decided to find other ones that are just as appropriate for the day! Any Bob Marley no matter what song it is will work...
Crazy 420 Request’s In RoadRage Today
Happy 420 for those of you who like celebrating it in it's entirety! HA Couldn't go through this day with out the Sweat-leaf from Black Sabbath! I will defiantly be playing that today in RoadRage. Now for your listening enjoyment check out the one and only Bob Marley and of course Sublime …
Voters Get Say On Legalizing Mary Jane [POLL]
Initiative 502 (why couldn't it be I-420?) will be on the ballot in November asking Washington State voters whether or not the RECREATIONAL use of marijuana should be legal. It is already legal in this state for medicinal purposes.
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