Soundgarden Promises ‘Very Heavy’ New Album
They don’t have a release date, a title, or even a record company waiting to get it onto the shelves, but Soundgarden is in the studio working on its first new album in 15 years – and during a pair of recent interviews, frontman Chris Cornell and guitarist Kim Thayil hinted at what fans can expect t…
Death Cab for Cutie Streams New Album for Free
Grammy-nominated indie rock outfit Death Cab for Cutie is streaming their upcoming album, "Codes and Keys," totally gratis on's First Listen.
Read on to see what lead singer Ben Gibbard had to say to "Spin" about the uncharacteristi…
Van Halen Back On Tour Starting In Australia
Van Halen back on tour makes me happier than being a bitch on the bike! And to hear that there new ablum is almost done is outstanding!  Should we take bets on how many shows they get through before killing each other!
AC/DC New Tour And Album
I will never get sick of AC/DC, in fact I can play Highway to Hell over and over again. That's pretty much all of there stuff.  I just when I was a little worried that they might stop recording and touring they say there working on a new album and are going to be doing another tour soon! T…
Aerosmith New Album is Tough Love, May 10th
Aerosmith is realesing an album with all of there best Tough Love Ballads on them.  Suprised it took them so long to do this but the songs are perfect. Check it out.
The track listing for the CD is as follows:
01. Angel
02. Amazing
Aerosmith’s Steven and Joe Make Peace
Photo From
singer Steven Tyler has posted the following message on his Twitter profile:
"AeroFreaks rejoice... Joe and I sent smoke signals, shot the shit and chewed the fat for the last year, but just smoked the peace pipe for an hour today...
Get Korn’s New Album For $3
3 dollar bills, 12 quarters, 30 dimes, 60 nickels, or 300 pennies! You can download Korn's latest album Korn III: Remember Who You Are from
click here to check it out
Van Halen Recording New Album
Van Halen jumped in the studio this week with amazing producer John Shanks to start the recording of their new album. Excellent! Got the news off of John Shanks Twitter page!  Some will be recorded in a studio in LA and also Eddie Van Halen's studio at his home...