Deer Chillin' On The Sidewalk Is The Coolest Thing
I remember while I was growing up, we lived out in the boondocks. Seriously, we lived 16 miles in the middle of nowhere. When I was really young, I thought it was pretty cool. Then when I got older, not so much. However, the wildlife was awesome. I would see coyotes, wolves, deer and antelope all th…
First Cecil, Now Jericho
While reports and social media are still buzzing over the killing of Zimbabwe's iconic lion "Cecil," by a much-maligned dentist from Minnesota, it turns out that more fuel may be added to the fire.
Animal Food Drive
Naches school is holding a food drive for the Animals! The girl getting things done, Miss Aryah, is already preparing at age ten, for her senior project! She is a go getter! Please help by bring donations to the KATS studio and ask for Kelly West!
I Love Meat!
The MFA will be in Yakima with a 50 foot hotdog! The hotdog is meat, I mean meant to portray the fact that all animals can be eaten or not eaten! There slogan is 'Why Love One But Eat The Other'!
How Hot Can A Parked Car Get
Practicing Veterinarian show us in this video how dang hot it can get in a parked car for humans. Can you imagine how hot it would get for your animals.

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