April Fool's Day

Pranks for the memories
Buzzfeed has an awesome list of April Fools' Day pranks that are aimed at kids, but they can be practiced on anyone. Most are simple, inexpensive and for the most part, harmless ... until the last third of the list goes into the bathroom and can get a little gross...
April Fools' Day is here, so it's time for some at the expense of your co-workers or family! Do something crazy. But you have to have awesome music to listen to while you are doing it! Here is my list!
Still Not Too Late To Pull Off An April Fool’s Prank [VIDEO]
Not creative enough to come up with an April Fool's Day prank of your own?
Have you already been punk'd today and are now seeking to exact your revenge?
The folks at Household Hacker have come up with eight quick and simple pranks you can pull on your family and friends using simple, common …
Some Quick and Easy April Fool’s Pranks You Can Do
Today's a day where you shouldn't trust anyone. Some people love the first day in April for that reason. It gives them a chance to prank someone and have an easy way out by saying it's April Fool's Day. If you want to join the fun, here are a few fun and easy things you can do.