'Jaws: 2015'
As if it the movie Jaws didn't already scare us enough to go out into shark-infested waters, this weekend's events has us second-guessing if we should ever go into an ocean again!
Machine Head Guitarist Walks Off Stage After Shoe Attack
Metal music has the power to possess people into doing things that don’t particularly make sense — notably, the shoe toss. In the heat of the moment, concertgoers risk getting their feet stomped into oblivion just so they can throw their shoes at their favorite band. Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel recently found himself at the receiving end of a shoe toss in Belgium — walking off the stage aft
When Turkeys Attack
Let's face it: turkeys have it pretty rough. They let us feed and breed them, blissfully unaware of the inevitable culmination of our kindness: DELICIOUS MURDER. (Even worse? They can't fly away.) So is it any wonder that they occasionally turn on us? Maybe the ...