For GN'R tickets? You're on!
Yakima Valley Bike Nights is going strong. Every week we are at a different location have a great time. Moxee on May 31 at The Creek Grill and Bar was fantastic. In the 35-plus years I've been doing Bike Nights, biker parties and bike rallies, I have NEVER seen anybody put a radio station bumper sti…
Domain Name ‘DOTCOM’ Was Born March 15, 1985
It is hard to believe that the Internet was around in 1985, but it was. I remember my first email was JamminJoni69 in 1986. I am not sure what I was thinking, but it was really cool no matter what. March 15 is the day the domain name suffix -- .com ("DOTCOM") -- was realized.
Let's go downtown
Downtown Summer Nights has been fantastic this summer. We have had some awesome talent come through -- country, blues and rock.. I am a true rocker, but this Thursday is bringing all of it.
People Are Awesome!
There is some stuff on this video that I would never do in a million years but the people who are doing them, I commend them!!
They are so crazy with some of the stuff that they do!  In all of the 'People Are Awesome' videos, this is by far my favorite...