'Scrotox' For Your Sack
This morning on the Todd & Andy Show during "The Freaks" segment I read a story about a new product called "Scrotox". Yes, it's just what it sounds like... Botox for your sack. If you're vain enough to need it here are the benefits according to a…
It's not even a dry heat
Just goes to show, what is on the Internet is not ALWAYS true... I know 99 percent of the time it is, but not the current high temp that I saw at 10:15 Tuesday night.
Mad Juggling Skills
The Illusion is that this isn't and Illusion. He really is balancing the hoops and balls and moving them around as if it was an illusion.
Mr. Balls
It may sound like I'm nuts, but there is actually a mascot for testicular cancer.
Holy Ballsack, Batman!
A Las Vegas man, who gained national attention last year for sporting a watermelon-sized scrotum, is recovering from successful surgery to reduce the size of his freakishly large nads.

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