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What's in the Bag? Help Me Unbox My BC Goodies! [PHOTOS]
We all know the excitement of looking under the tree on Christmas morning as child with sheer delight just wondering what could be inside those packages. That is exactly how I felt when I found the swag bag I got at a Black Crowes concert that I took my son too recently. What could possibly be in there? Let's find out together!
You never know ...
Like every other rocker, I was floored this morning at the news of Chris Cornell's passing. I immediately was thankful that Yakima had the chance to see him in concert at the Capitol Theatre last July 18. My mind then skipped to those fans who were holding on to tickets for the current Soundgarden tour, which still had four stops remaining. How disappointed those fans -- especially those who have
KATS Midweek Mix Tape to David Lee Roth
Earlier this week, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth bloodied his nose requiring 14 stitches while performing on Jimmy Kimmell Live! Roth, a martial arts aficionado, was twirling his mic stand furiously when it popped him in the schnoz. Former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman currently hosts a sports talk show in Nashville, TN called, appropriately, Steve Gorman Sports...
Kelly West's favorite ax man -- Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde -- and Todd E. Lyons, Esquire's guitar hero -- Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson -- as well as Kenny Wayne Shepherd and many others will highlight the fall version of the "Experience Hendrix" tour.
Like father, like son
If you've ever listened to "The Big Show," you have probably heard my self-proclamation that I am the "World's Greatest Living Air Guitarist."  While I stand by that claim (I once won a competition at the old Grant's Pub pantomiming Jimi Hendrix's "Fire") I may have to pass the torch to a young, up-and-coming member of the next generation - my son, Drew.