Today, Everyone’s Irish! Let’s See How Green You Are!
Today is St. Paddy's Day and everyone is having fun wearing the green. Ireland is known for many things and one the biggest is literature. Let's hop aboard the plane and take the St Patrick’s Day Quiz - take a literary tour of Ireland. Will there be a pot of gold waiting fo…
Star Wars EU = WTF
I'm a nerd, I love sci-fi in all forms, via Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Firefly, Far Scape, etc. etc. But my heart was broken last week with Lucasfilm/Disney's announcement that the "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars will not be considered "Cannon".…
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
I have read the Hobbit at least ten times or more and Lord Of The Rings a few less times than that. I pretty much have the entire thing memorized so naturally when they came out with the movies 'Lord Of The Rings', I was really worried that it would be nothing like the books.