Why Men Have Nipples
Men having nipples seems pretty pointless, especially if you believe we have a creator that made us in his image. I doubt however that the creator was nursing a child. Aside from the male sexual fascination with boobs and nipples the truth is they're just the delivery vehicle for mama's mi…
KATS Celebrates The Breast Party In The Areola
This Sunday celebrate "National Go Topless Day" with 94.5 KATS-FM! The best place to celebrate is on the beaches of New Hampshire, where it's legal to go topless. Here in Central Washington where it's not legal, we'll have to settle for trading greeting cards like on…
The Reason Men Have Nipples
Let me first say that this is just a theory, I have no scientific fact to back this up ... or maybe there is, but if so, I've never read about it. I think bodies are built like cars. In other words the basic shell is the same for everyone but the exact model you get depends on the options.
Same old story
Stop me when this sounds familiar.
You're sitting in a cafe near a Florida beach when a 26-year-old woman walks in, takes off her bikini top and starts tugging her nipple rings.
TV Show Host Sips Breast Milk...
There really is no debating that we in the United States are WAY more uptight about human reproduction, sexuality and the nude form.
A Dutch TV show host will prove me right momentarily.
Woman Begs For Money To Buy New Boobs
TheChanel, FlickrThe propensity of pan-handlers and beggars asking for money in Yakima seems to be growing.
It's a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on.  Are they legitimately homeless or hungry, or simply freeloaders who are too lazy to get a "real" job?
We may never know, but I do …
Healthy To Stare At Women’s Breasts [VIDEO]
Next time you're chatting with a girl, don't just glance - gaze into her massive rack. It doesn't matter if her "eyes are up here", it's totally healthy - fact, dare I say, good for you - to stare at women's breasts.
EMBED-News: It's Healthy To Stare At Women's Chests - Watch more free vide…