He's still seeing Starbursts
We all fear being robbed. Being held up, being forced to empty our pockets on threat of physical violence. That is why I try not to carry any cash on me. That and panhandlers. But for a Florida man, what he had in his pockets didn't save him from being robbed.
10 Things You Can Make With A Cadbury Creme Egg
McDonald's UK/PieoftheTiger/Hershey's/Cakespy/SeriousEats
You already know that the Easter-seasonal Cadbury Creme Egg is addictive, mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind and coveted the world over. But did you also know just how versatile an ingredient the Creme Egg can be when put to use in some o…
Artist Creates Supersized Candy Sculptures [PHOTO]
Much is made of artists’ muses: Pablo Picasso had Marie-Thérèse Walter, Pedro Almodóvar has Penelope Cruz and Nicola Freeman has…candy necklaces and lollipops. The British art student sculpted humongous approximations of those and other sweets fo…

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