car wash

We cleaned up!
The annual 10 Deeds In 10 Days fundraising event is underway, and we kicked off KATS' portion of the deeds Saturday.
Keep it clean
We don't know how pure your thoughts are, but thanks to the car-wash crew from Moulin Brew coffee shop, we can guarantee your car, truck or bike will be sparkling clean this weekend.
The girls will do what it takes to make sure your ride is spotless -- provided you do your part for thi…
Shine and show
It was T-shirt (or less) weather for our Moulin Brew car wash Thursday afternoon.
The sun was out and the temperature was in the 70s -- just right for scrubbin' down cars and bikes in this week's Ten Deeds in Ten Days push to benefit local food banks...
What Do You See?
I had to wash the KATS rig awhile ago, actually it needs it all of the time, so I went down to the Tieton Car Wash and got it done! Very bored waiting for it, I took a couple of photos!