carolina panthers

Ciao` Chow!
Join 94.5 KATS in Moxee tonight at The Creek Roadside Grill & Bar! A full bar available along with an Italian buffet as Carolina hosts Miami on the big screen tvs.
Super Bowl Fun
It was a decidedly Denver Broncos crowd at Jackson's Sports Bar yesterday to watch Super Bowl 50.
An original 12
If anybody is NOT one of those bandwagon Seattle Seahawks fans it's Yakima's Tim Sattler.
And Tim, who's representing Yakima in Townsquare Media's national Pigskin Pick 'Em contest this weekend, has the pictures to prove it. In the faded snapshot where he's standing with Seahawks original quarterback…
Cam-tastic or Crap-tastic?
Like most Seattle Seahawks fans today, I woke up this morning hoping that TODAY was game day and yesterday's 31-24 loss to the Carolina Panthers was just a bad dream.
Checks calendar. Nope. Damn.
To make it worse, QB Cam Newton rubbed a little salt in the wound of the 12s...