Death Metal Chicken
I laughed harder at this than I should have! If you can spare less than a minute, do yourself a favor and have a chuckle & ROCK!
McDonald's MIghty Wing Review
The other day we hit up the drive-thru at McDonald's to grab some happy meals to go. I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself until I noticed they have 'Mighty Wings' on the menu. The Mighty Wing is their take on a bone-in buffalo wing or spicy chicken wing. I'm a huge fan of buffalo wings s…
Two Men Steal $65,000 Worth of Chicken Wings
If you plan to stuff your face while watching the Super Bowl with the ever-present, always popular finger food, chicken wings this Sunday, you may find the price will have increased dramatically between now and then.
You have two dumb asses from Georgia to thank for it.
They Had Chicken and Waffles at Jack-Sons Sports Bar
Monday night, Jack-son's Sports Bar had chicken and waffles on the menu for that night only. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to actually have chicken and waffles - something I've heard about for so long but never had in a true setting. How were they? I'll tell you.