chris kyle

Lessons in courage
The Yakima YWCA is a powerful place in itself. They help women who've survived domestic violence and their children face the world, take charge of their own lives and get back to being the women they know they are. To get back to being the mothers that they know they are, as well.
Remembering a hero
Chris Kyle was a true American hero -- a United States Navy SEAL! And today (Feb. 2) is the three-year anniversary of his death. He was murdered on a shooting range while he was helping other PTSD veterans. Truly a sad day. Today, we remember him for what he was! A hero!
Drop it, Seth
Holy crap. A ton of people are slamming the new movie 'American Sniper,' the Clint Eastwood-directed epic about a true American legend, Chris Kyle.
But I am shaken up by some of the responses to this movie. Even if you haven't seen it yet, the title should make you have respect if you …
Jesse Ventura Is A.......
A-hole Jesse Ventura claimed that fallen war hero Chris Kyle punched him in the face. And apparently Chris did, but only after Ventura said some pretty bad things about Navy Seals. Big Mistake. He deserved to get punched in the face.