N.Y. Laughs In Yakima
As heard on "The Big Show" this morning, Owen Straw will be coming from New York and bringing his brand of comedy to the Yakima Laugh Lounge this weekend along with Seattle fave Scott Losse!
Open Mic Brings Local Laughs
Some people want or need a place to be heard. For many it's the Internet. But others want local interaction. To see the face of a person who is not behind a piece of glass. For that there's the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club, which hosts open mic and karaoke every Thursday night.
Batman: Arkham Asylum Gets Comic Series
Two things I love are video games and comic books. In a weird twist when a comic turns video game, then the video game turns into a comic - it's almost like making a copy of a copy of a copy. Most of the time it gets diluted but this is one I absolutely can't wait until May for. Especially because i…