Cookies AND Milk?
The fine folks at the YouTube channel BoobTips have come up with a handy 30-second video on how to make the best gingerbread this holiday season.
Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Martha Stewart made an appearance on Metalocalypse? OK, me neither. BUT if that were to happen, I would imagine things would go down similar to 'Cooking Hostile!' with Phil Anselmo.
Beer Battered Spam Because Why Not?
I've been on a beer battered kick this whole week. From California rolls to bacon, one thing I thought I'd try for no other reason because it was handy and I still had beer batter left to experiment with was beer battering Spam.
Beer Battered Bacon – It’s Not as Good as it Sounds
Over the weekend I was in a beer battering mood. I had it in mind to make beer battered California rolls, which turned out pretty decent, but since I still had some batter left, I decided to beer batter a few more items including bacon. I only wish it would've turned out better.
Eating a Bowl Full of Cereal Marshmallows [VIDEO]
Once upon a time, Todd told me, "I like the Charms, I don't like the Luckies." It's not doubt that marshmallows in breakfast cereal enhances everything from flavor to texture to color. You can imagine how much I freaked out when you could buy just a bag full of cereal mar…

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