daylight savings time

It Could Make You Punchy
A study by done at the University of Pennsylvania showed that there are actually more assaults committed when we get an extra hour of sleep as opposed to losing one.
Not exactly a timeless tale
Benjamin Franklin was the first to suggest Daylight Saving Time, but it wasn't until 1907 that Daylight Saving Time became a thing.
A man named William Willett wrote an essay called "The Waste Of Daylight" and spent the rest of his life trying to change the world. Sadly, William passed away…
Daylight Savings Time To Be Abolished In Yakima...
If I have my way that's exactly what will happen. People think it has something to do with farmers so they'll have longer daylight hours to work their crops but it has nothing to do with that. The first country to implement Daylight Savings Time was Germany during World War I as a way to c…
Fall Back This Weekend
94.5 KATS remind you to ‘Fall Back’ one hour before you hit the sheets Saturday night as we return to Standard Time!
An extra hour of rock (and sleep!) with the Rock station!