Just checking
I am a firm believer that you should not drink and drive. If you drink a lot and you drive, you should get busted. You could kill someone or die yourself. Police randomly put up checkpoints around our area so they can catch drunken drivers.
Drive Safe!
I am not sure if driving test's are getting easier or people just rush through it so they can pass but, some people can't drive in winter conditions. Here is a step by step on what to do to be a better driver.
Roadside attractions
I have done some serious traveling in my life. Road trips, camping trips -- and every single time I am on the road I see something strange.
Foggy Driving Tips
It has been an extremely foggy morning, at least in the upper valley today.  As you make your way out into the world, keep in mind these helpful tips for safer driving during these conditions.
Man Beats Himself Up To Worm Out Of Drunken Driving Charge
Drinking can cloud your thinking, which may explain why a Farmington, Connecticut man came up with a pretty boneheaded idea.
Authorities say Daniel Vagnini beat himself up to prove to police he had been assaulted to get out of being charged with drunken driving last Saturday.

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