The Cat-Copter
If you have a hard time with animals being stuffed by a taxidermist, you might want to look away!
ICYMI: Moxee Fireworks Blow Yakima Away - Again [VIDEO]
Local videographer/drone enthusiast and Moxee resident Sean Davido took to the skies on July 4, 2018 to capture these images from east valley residents and their respective displays of pyrotechnics.
For a city of just 3,000 citizens, it truly is one helluva show.
'Drone porn' has landed
While I certainly have my concerns regarding the use of drones (unmanned, robotic aircraft) as it relates to privacy and civil liberties, I have to admit I was intrigued by this use.  While perusing the latest issue of the online magazine named after me ("Esquire") I stumbled across ... wa…