Seahawks Jello Shots!
Most everyone that I know love's to watch the Super Bowl. Even if some of them do not watch football throughout the year they still party when The Big Game is on!
Apparently, walking under the influence is nearly as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.
Drunk Woman Takes Off Pants, Flees Cops In Toy Truck
Jamie Craft of Jonesboro, Arkansas has herself quite a Tuesday.
The 28-year old kicked of her midweek adventure by getting good and drunk and crashing her Trans Am into the side of a mobile home. Mind you this was a proper, adult sized Trans Am, which becomes important later in this tale and also mad…
Drunk Golf Trick Shot Ends With Expected Results
Mick and Bobbe thought it'd be a fun idea to take 9 shots of punch vodka and play a few rounds of golf. That kind of thinking is probably what lead to this ingenuity of a trick shot. You must play the wall where it lies. See what this guy does.
Drunk Man Has Sex With Snowman and Gets Frostbite On His Wiener
There are times when the eyes of an alcoholic reveal a darkness so vast that everything decrepit in the universe appears to makes sense, like a bloodshot looking glass reflecting a message from God - or maybe not. Either way, occasionally a rare breed of sloppy degenerate rises up from the drunken p…
How to Stop Drunk Driving
This is what true friendship looks like. This guy is drunk and wanted to drive home. One of his buddies steps in between the drunk guy and his car to prevent him from driving drunk. After pleas of having his friend not get behind the wheel, he decided to do something that may have saved the lives of…
Drunk Girl Found Stuck Between Buildings
Not that we're speaking from experience, but everyone's done something stupid when they've had a few too many to drink. We're talking about driving drunk while dressed as a zombie kind of dumb. Here's a less dangerous example -- getting stuck between two buildings.
The Ultimate Drunk Fail Compilation Video
Watching the Olympics, I enjoy watching highlight reels of the successes and cheering and all that, but to take your mind off that, I bring to you this highlight reel, or maybe a lowlight reel, of drunk fail videos.

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