Handling "12" Jugs All At Once
Seahawks mania in these parts can be a little over the top. On top of all the Seahawks-logoed cars I've seen (some professionally done, some done by hand with spray paint) there is the "Sea-Fence" house, the giant "12" erected in PVC piping alongside Intersta…
In Yakima You Can't Escape The 12's Part Deux
Last week I shared with you a badass Seahawk-logoed car. In another blog I did back in March I pointed out that it's nearly impossible to go more than a couple of hundred yards in any direction and not see a "12" of some kind (homemade or otherwise) in Yakima...
In Yakima You Can't Escape The 12's
In a blog I wrote on March 12th I talked about many of the homemade displays of Seahawks "12" logos you'll find throughout the Yakima Valley. Ironically Todd and I just drove back yesterday afternoon after a day at the Seattle Seahawks training camp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in…
Rocker nation!
Last night's concert featuring Red Sun Rising and headliner Godsmack did not disappoint anyone in attendance -- especially those who waited in line for many hours to be at the head of the line when the doors opened to the general admission show.
Football Schadenfreude [NSFW]
Nowadays, everything is so heated -- politics, religion, SPORTS.
It's good to know which side you stand on in any situation ... even if you're surrounded by the enemy! Get a good laugh out of this guy who is very happy, when no one else is...
Angry Broncos Fan Goes Crazy During Super Bowl Loss
You know what happened Sunday when the NFL's #1 ranked offense met up with the NFL's #1 scoring defense. This Denver Broncos fan was as surprised as a lot of people to see her team getting mopped up in every aspect of the game by the Seattle Seahawks. So shocked and appalled that she goes on a four …
2014 NFL Pro Bowl Streaker [VIDEO]
The game was more exciting than years previous, but one fan managed to spice things up a little bit more. Donning a cape (maybe it's a poncho?) and rocking a swimsuit top, this female fanatic was jacked when Jordan Cameron hauled in a touchdown pass from Nick Foles.

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