Yakima: An International City
A couple of weeks ago I was driving down 16th Ave. and noticed these "villas" with the name 'Spanish Charm'. It transported me back to Spain. It reminded me of the Flamenco dancers of my youth. I thought I smelled paella and heard the Spanish guitar in my head...
Hold On Tight!
My first question is, how in the heck did they make that lighthouse in the first place?  These guys in the video really do take their job seriously.
Banned, Well-Endowed Statue to be Re-Erected in France
Because of its hefty you-know-what, the French banned and removed a giant marble statue of Apollo in the 1970s after people began complaining of its indecency.
Now, more than 30 years later, the well-endowed sculpture is being, uh, re-erected smack dab in the middle of the Place Massena in Nice, Fran…