All dressed up ...
Well, Halloween is here and now it is time to have some spooky fun! I love Halloween because you can dress up! Reesha from 107.3 KFFM and I are the only ones that did today. She is the Owl Princess and I am Rey from Star Wars 7: 'The Force Awakens!'
Spirited debate
Halloween is only a couple of days away. Everyone wants to tell a good ghost story or at least hear one. Me? I am kind of in the middle about this. Not sure one way or the other. Although, I do not believe ghosts -- if there is such a thing -- are mean. They are dead, for crying out loud.
Holiday lights
Forget Christmas light shows! Halloween light shows have them beat. Orange, black, red green and white are the colors to see this year. I drove up to Cowiche this weekend to do a little hiking before the snow falls and I saw some pretty amazing lights already up for Halloween.
KATS travels well
My friend from Yakima Valley builds high-end houses all over the United States. I gave him a few KATS roller banner pieces and said to him "You should take a picture with these wherever you are!" And so he did -- and does!
These be pirate waters ...
I have always been fascinated by pirates. Everything from the bad pirates to the good ones! (If there is such a thing!) So naturally, I love Talk Like A Pirate Day!
One more ride
This Tuesday (Aug. 30) is it for the summer. Our last Bike Nights is Tuesday at Jack-Sons Sports Bar and Clubhouse Lounge at 48th and Tieton. You get one last ride to win some awesome prizes!
Out on The Porch
Bike Nights at The Porch was amazing! It was an excellent ride to Ellensburg through the canyon! Lots of wind in the face Tuesday, but it was well worth the ride.
Two more to go before the summer's out!
Let's ride the canyon!
Bike Nights is planning a road trip to Ellensburg this week! KSU, (kickstands up) at 5:30 Tuesday and arrive at The Porch, 608 N. Main St., at 6 p.m.! This should be one fantastic ride -- it's always fun to ride through the Yakima River Canyon on a motorcycle!

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