Bizarre Bathroom Habits
Having been to my requisite share of men's rooms I've seen my share of cartoon anatomy and pithy sayings like "If you can pee above this line the fire department is looking for you". What I haven't seen however is a water cup sitting next to a half used roll of toile…
I have always considered myself a good speller. But since I got into radio, I am not that good anymore. I spell everything phonetically, hoping I can say it right over the air. So now I really can't spell that well at all! Everything communicated on the internet by text or via social networking is q…
Only in a ...
I went fishing this weekend -- like I always do! Four a.m. is the best time to do it because you can catch a lot of fish and there aren't a whole lot of people around yet. It is peaceful. Jeeps are actually quite peaceful while they are driving, too. But when you are trying to catch a fish and …
Losing his focus
I cannot tell you how many times I have forgot that my phone or GoPro was in selfie mode. I have had to delete a lot of stuff because I just simply was not paying attention. This guy's son gave him a GoPro, but he forgot to tell him how to use it.
The sideline shuffle
The Seattle Seahawks took on the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday night's NFL game. It was a loss for the Seahawks, and the Cardinals couldn't be happier. The backup QB for the Cardinals issued some serious hilarity as the Cardinals went in for a touchdown.
Police vs. force
The Force was not with Chewy this past weekend. In a weird victory for the Dark Side, Chewy was reportedly campaigning for Darth Vader in the Ukraine when he failed to show his papers.

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