Church Has Changed!
I stopped going to church years ago because frankly I just don't believe God is real. That said, on the off chance that I'm wrong, this beats the hell out of "Beer is proof that God is real and wants us to be happy."
God's Not Dead
Twice in the last week I have received a text message that simply reads, "God's not dead."
Both of these messages came to me from friends who I know to be people of faith, so it wasn't shocking, just curious.
The Nuge
I have loved Ted Nugent's stuff since I was a kid. He is also an inspiration in the hunting world for me.
Who is Jesus?
U2 frontman 'Bono Vox' (Beautiful Voice) a.k.a. Paul Hewson, has never been accused of being overly modest.
Many have even claimed he has a messianic complex, which is a fancy way of saying "He thinks he is God."
Recently, he was asked "Who is Jesus" and h…
New Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath has just released the first single from their upcoming album "13" which is due out June 11th, 2013