Dining don'ts
I like going to restaurants every now and again because it is nice to let someone else do the cooking for me. I love to cook, though. And when the kids and I are out in public, one of my biggest rules is that they have manners ... even if some people around them don't.
History by the wad
If you have ever been to Pike Place Market then you have seen the famous gum wall. It is over 8 feet tall and has nearly 1 million wads of gum on it. Well, it is time to get that wall a good cleaning.
Who wants in her pants?
A man in Ohio is trying to sell panties owned by Adolf Hitler's wife, Eva Braun. Really? How in God's name do they know that they were Hitler's wife panties? More importantly, who would have wanted to check those for authenticity? Well, evidently somebody did.
Mouse In The Can!
Well if this doesn't prove that energy drinks are really bad for you I don't know what will! This guy is suing Monster for finding a dead mouse in the bottom of his energy drink!

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