Time for a break?
I cannot wait to take a vacation. I try to plan for one every year. It seems, though, that when I do plan well, it never works out. There is always something going on. The question is if the rest of Yakima Valley are in the same boat? I am on a salary, so I don't continue to work when I should …
Tonight, we ride!
It's time to ride again! Yakima Bike Nights, cohosted by 94.5 KATS and 92.9 The Bull, rolls into Jack-Son's Sports Bar at 48th and Tieton tonight (May 24) from 6-9! Join in on the fun and bring your ride. It doesn't matter what you ride, just come and get in on some serious biker action -- metric, s…
A recent analysis by Zippia.com on the happiest places in the state of Washington misses the mark, if you ask me. Some of the towns that ranked low are much happier than Zippia.com thinks.
Be Safe With Your Holiday Lights!
This Griswold's did the Christmas lights up in fashion when they made 'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation' which, proved that maybe to many lights are not good. Resulting in to big of a power bill or a fire.
Any way you slice it ...
Pizza is by far one of the best foods on the planet. It might not be the healthiest food for you, but it is dang good. And the kinds of pizza you can get now is crazy!
We have our typical pizza that I call the Go To pizza. If you can't think of what you are into at the moment, you can always &am…
Here's to your health!
Today is an unofficial holiday for us beer drinkers. 'National Drink Beer Day' is being celebrated somewhere at this moment. I will be celebrating it at 4:30 this afternoon. It sounds simple enough, but there are some things you need to know about this holiday of sorts.

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