Sportsmen Show Hits The SunDome Feb. 17-19
KATS-FM will be at the Yakima Valley SunDome this weekend for the 28th Annual Central Washington Sportsmen Show.
The doors open on the show at 1 p.m. Friday and runs through Sunday (Feb. 17-19). The show boasts the region's only officially scored Horn and Antler Competition, but don't miss …
A walk on the wild side [PHOTOS]
Guns, knives, camping and fishing gear, clothing, boats -- and yes, even bears. (The kind that've been through the taxidermist, that is.)
You name it, they've got it at the Central Washington Sportsmen Show at the Yakima Valley SunDome. The annual fair, which draws vendors and visitors from…
And ... action! [POLL]
Nowadays, people are so into social networking I think some of them forget that there is even a sky. Everyone always has their nose buried in a cellphone or a tablet.
I Love Meat!
The MFA will be in Yakima with a 50 foot hotdog! The hotdog is meat, I mean meant to portray the fact that all animals can be eaten or not eaten! There slogan is 'Why Love One But Eat The Other'!
Pennsylvania Wants to Allow Porcupine Hunting
Porcupines aren't exactly idolized for their cuteness, but hunting the pokey critters seems a bit cruel.
Nevertheless, hunting regulators in Harrisburg, PA, say it's time to declare open season on the odd-looking rodents after residents began citing property damage as a result of the porcup…