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Got a 'hall pass'?
It seems in this day and age men and women are giving each other "hall passes" to have a quick one with someone. Most everyone says that it can only be with a celebrity.
'The Other Woman' Review
Today, a movie that, on the surface, resembles a rom-com, but isn’t a rom-com (there are no rom-coms any longer) titled ‘The Other Woman’ is playing at the multiplex down the street from you right now. Cameron Diaz (‘Shrek 2’) stars as Carly, a single, independent woman living in New York City who i…
'The Other Woman' Trailer: Cameron Diaz Gets Revenge
On paper, 'The Other Woman' sounds like the set-up for a low key domestic drama: Cameron Diaz plays a woman who realizes that the man in her life is already married. However, the trailer for the film immediately takes this premise in a very different direction, as Diaz and the spurned wife…

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