Major League Baseball

Watch Women Fail at Answering Baseball Question On Jeopardy!
I like to watch Jeopardy! from time to time. I rarely know the correct answers, but when I do and the contestants don't I get a little feeling that I am much more intelligent than I truly am. Thursday night near the end of the episode, a baseball question popped up and the answers were absolutely cl…
Ironic Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball Card Being Auctioned
In a comical and ironic twist, a 1987 Donruss baseball card of notorious steroid abuser Barry Bonds has surfaced and is being auctioned off on E-bay for $100,000.
What makes this card have such perceived value?  Probably because of the inscription Bonds scrawled above his John Hancock.
Mariners Unveil New Commercials for 2013
While the Mariners have pulled up the rear in the standings more often than not over the last decade, one area where the M's always excel is in their annual batch of promotional commercials.  In fact, they are consistently voted tops in the big leagues by fans across the country.
My all-time favorite…
Fan Makes Obscene Gestures Behind Home Plate
I typically get annoyed by the fans who sit directly behind home plate when I'm watching a baseball game on television.
They seemingly spend most of the game on their cell phone waving in the direction of the camera, undoubtedly asking who ever is on the other end of the call, "Can you see me?!?…
“Felixing” = the New “Tebowing”
Following his historic perfect game last Wednesday afternoon at Safeco Field in Seattle, Mariners ace "King" Felix Hernandez attempts to become only the second player in baseball history to throw back-to-back no-hitters when the M's face the Cleveland Indians tonight …