Play Super Mario’s ‘Star Theme’ on the Piano [VIDEO]
Two of my biggest passions are video games and playing musical instruments, whether I actually know how to play them or not. Combine them both and you have me attempting to play video game music. Instead of showing you boring videos of me trying to play music from Final Fantasy on the piano, where t…
Super Friends Golden Girls Parody
I'll start by saying that I love geeky things, but not for the sake of loving geeky things. Does that makes sense? Just because it has Super Mario or Batman doesn't mean I'll automatically love it as some people try too hard to relate to that geek audience. That, being said, I love this frame-by-fra…
Closer To Mario
This has been around for a while... but I needed a good laugh, and I figure... you guys might want one too! Enjoy this mash up of classic Mario Bros & Nine Inch Nails' Closer!(WARNING: Explicit Lyrics)

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