Do you know them?
The Yakima Police Department has released still photos from surveillance camera video of the suspects from Thursday morning’s AM/PM robbery/homicide.
Serial killers in our midst
I did a search on serial killers from our area. None came up for Yakima Valley, but a ton came up for the state of Washington. Ted Bundy, who was from Tacoma, is one of the most notorious serial killers in modern history. Bundy was thought to have killed more than 36 young woman from six different s…
Dimebag & Lennon..Much Love!
Darrell Lance Abbott, guitar player for Pantera and Damage Plan was killed on Dec 8th, 2004. It is ironic that John Lennon from the Beatles was also killed on Dec. 8th, 1980. They were both murdered by crazy fans. Dimebags because the murderer thought he broke up Pantera and Lennon's murderer wanted…
Is Downtown Yakima Safe?
As a virtually lifelong resident of Yakima, I'm surprised by the number of locals who have voiced that downtown Yakima is unsafe and residents are afraid to go there.
More pain at Fort Hood
KCEN-TV is reporting that multiple people are injured after a mass shooting today at Fort Hood, Texas.
Right now the shooter is reportedly still on the loose.
This is the second time there has been a shooting at the Killeen, Texas, military base...

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