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Don’t Miss Out On A Seahawks Game This Year!
It's been over 600 days since fans stepped foot into Lumen field but on Saturdays game that all changed. Covid restrictions were lifted before for the start of the pre season allowing the Seahawks to pack the stands with the 12th man. Even though we lost the 12th man came out swinging, the crowd was roaring and cheering and it was just the dose of medicine we have been asking for...
Mostly Anonymous Seahawks Fall in First Exhibition at Las Vegas [
Even the most avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks likely needed a program to know who was on the field on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The nearly anonymous Hawks only played 5 of their projected starters for the 2021 season and held 31 players in total out of the game all together in a lackluster 20-7 loss to the Raiders.
Lewinsky, Abdul-Jabbar to Visit Yakima
It sounds like the premise of a bad joke, but... Two American cultural icons, one famous and one infamous, head the list of keynote speakers at the 2021 Yakima Town Hall Speaker Series. All joking aside, both basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Monica Lewinsky are coming to Yakima.

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