New Seattle NHL Hockey Team Reveals Name, Logo
In an announcement made in Seattle earlier today (July 23) from the site of their future home -- Climate Pledge Arena (formerly Key Arena) -- the National Hockey League's 32nd and newest franchise officially revealed the team name and logo/colors.
America's Pastime: Fantasy Football
According to Forbes Magazine the annual revenue generated from Fantasy Football has reached $70 Billion. Yes, that's billion with a b. Fantasy Football has existed for a few decades but it really took off with the proliferation of the internet...
Putin on a Show
My favorite super-villain Vladimir Putin scored eight goals in a celebrity hockey match that featured several former NHL players, including Pavel Bure.
Guy Cancels Pizza Pickup Because Hockey Game Went into Overtime
Sports fans have a lower threshold for the word “emergency.” While most people reserve the term for events like heart attacks, major world crises and running out of toilet paper, sports fans know that true emergencies are things like double overtime and last minute drives. So you can forgive one loy…