Pacific Rim

‘Pacific Rim 2′ Confirmed for April 2017
Though 'Pacific Rim' only made a little over a hundred million dollars domestically, the film had not only passionate fans, but a much larger audience internationally, which helped bring the $200 million project into a place where today director Guillermo del Toro announced that 'Pacific Rim 2' will hit theaters April 7, 2017.
‘Pacific Rim 2′ May Happen Because of China
Though 'Pacific Rim' may be touted as one of the bigger disappointments of summer based on its domestic gross, it looks like international has saved the film and then some. After opening on Wednesday in China to the tune of nine million dollars, 'Pacific Rim 2' talk is back on.
Pacific Rim After the Credits Bonus Scene [VIDEO]
I was able to catch Pacific Rim over the weekend. I like the idea that alien monsters are coming in from below the sea instead of above the skies. Movies like this, which include most super hero movies, sometimes give you a bonus scene as a gift if you watch the closing credits. This movie did have an extra scene, but it doesn't make any sense unless you watch the movie first.