Aliens Invading Yakima?
For lunch Todd & I had pizza and I noticed this unusual circular cloud out of the window. At first I though it was a fighter jet that had traveled in a circle but it seems the g-forces generated from creating a circle that tight would be prohibitive...
Be The First To Guess Where This Urinal Is To Win
In the photo above I availed myself of the "facilities" in a public place. If you're the first person on our Facebook page to correctly guess where this is we'll hook you up with a KATS T-Shirt. We'll announce the winner, if there is one, tomorrow morning on the Todd…
What Do You See?
I had to wash the KATS rig awhile ago, actually it needs it all of the time, so I went down to the Tieton Car Wash and got it done! Very bored waiting for it, I took a couple of photos!
Jake Buys a Dress? [PHOTO]
I'm not too good at math, but I can tell you that the real issue isn't the percentage of the coupon but the fact that Jake's buying himself a new dress.