Kids, Cop & the Constitution
I have been accused of being anti-police because of many of the videos I have posted on this site showing law enforcers acting above the law and, in some cases, brutalizing citizens. It is not my intention to paint with a broad brush and say all cops are bad.  To the contrary in fact.  I simply want to inform YOU, a member of the citizenry, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that you have rights but you need
Where To Get Information When Wikipedia Is Down – Riggs’ Top Five
On January 18th, several websites went dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA, anti-piracy legislation under consideration by the US Congress. This got me thinking about our friends in the Generation Y and those who are even younger. Computers haven't been around for ever so how did we ever get our information and find stuff about things before these websites that we rely on each and every day? Her ...