Road Rage

Road rage in Yakima
Gripping raw video from a phone camera shows how volatile road rage can be -- even here in Yakima.
In this case, a teenager was involved in a minor accident on South First Street, but panicked and fled the scene. The other driver, however, gave chase...
Woman Uses Car as Battering Ram To Move Taxi [VIDEO]
Our friends at JukinVideo shared this video case of road rage. A taxi was blocking a narrow road. The woman behind the taxi needed through and the taxi wasn't budging so she did what we've all wanted to do but had more self-control. She started ramming the taxi out of the way.
What ‘Road Rage’ in Russia Looks Like [VIDEO]
We've all felt like it was someone else's fault when someone cuts us off in traffic and, most of the time, it is. In America, most road rage incidents usually just involve yelling profanities, doing a few finger gestures and carrying on with the rest of your day. In Russia, these two guys …
12 Ridiculous Causes of Road Rage
The cause of road rage is no major scientific secret. American drivers can be rude, obnoxious, selfish and downright dangerous. Just driving down any major thoroughfare in the country can turn Mother Theresa into Leona Helmsley.