Prime Day 2020: Top Deals and Fun Finds
Prime Day is happening later this year, but that just means you don't have to hide your Christmas gifts for as long! Here are some of our favorite finds for this year's event. Be sure to keep checking back as we will update this page with new deals as we find them.
Get the Best Deals on Clearance Items at Target [HOW TO]
I'm just like you, I love shopping the clearance racks in any store I go to. Shopping for clearance items is always a game. You can get a great deal and value on something others probably spent full price on when they were first available so that makes you feel good about yourself. There's always th…
5 Free Things We Found on Yakima Craigslist
I've said it several times before, Yakima is a 'Yard Sale / Craigslist kind of town' which we use to our advantage. Who isn't looking for a great deal on anything, especially if it means you can save a few bucks. Even better is when you find something for free. There is a Free ca…
Sale Price Goes The Wrong Way [PHOTO]
Our photo spy Angela Suave sent this picture to us from a local Yakima store. It kind of reminds me of menus that you see sometimes at Chinese restaurants where they raise the price of something, but instead of getting new menus they just cross it out and write the new, inflated price...

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