santa claus

Santa Stops By KATS
Earlier this morning on "The Big Show" I was pleasantly surprised to get an early visit from Jolly 'Ol St. Nicholas.
Santa Claus stopped by the studio to see if I had been being a naughty or nice D.J. (for the record, "Naughty")  He also took questions fr…
Santa Can't Smoke
Surely everyone has heard or even recited the 189 year-old poem originally written by Clement C. Moore, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
It seems though that even Jolly Old St. Nicholas himself  isn't impervious to political correctness.
12 Santas Caught in Weird Situations
With Christmas only two weeks away, Santa is a pretty busy guy these days. He has to double check all presents are made, organize final copies of the naughty and nice lists and do some last-minute reindeer grooming so they're in tip-top shape for Christmas. It's a stressful few weeks, but …
Creepy Santas
Not all Santa Clauses are created equal.
Some are downright creepy!
Without further ado, here is my annual video montage to some of the worst mall Santas.  Try to avoid having your child sit on one of these guys laps or your annual holiday photo may be ruined by the faces of crying children like …