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Former ‘Sesame Street’ Writer Confirms Bert and Ernie Are Gay, Workshop Responds With Denial
Many Sesame Street viewers have long suspected — including a few wise kiddos — that puppet odd couple Bert and Ernie are more than just friends. The prolific children’s series has never really addressed Bert and Ernie’s sexual orientation, but a former writer for Sesame Street confirms what most of us felt in our hearts all along…even if the show itself continues to issue denials.
‘Sesame Street’ Parodies ‘Avengers 2’ With ‘The Aveggies’
At some point, we’re not sure when, Sesame Street stopped being a low-key educational children’s program and started being an educational children’s program that finds time to create internet-friendly parodies of whatever pop culture event is huge in a given week. So yeah, of course the show has made an Avengers-themed sketch and of course it’s called The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon and of course it recasts Cookie Monster as the Hulk.
A Game Of Chairs
As talked about this morning on The Big Show, The Game of Thrones has had many parodies done, including musical, porn, & comedic... But now behold Sesame Street's A Game Of Chairs!
Five People Who Should Be The New Voice of Elmo
Since Kevin Clash resigned as the voice of Elmo, I'm sure they're not going to retire the character on Sesame Street. His voice should be easy enough to imitate so who's going to take over as the voice of Elmo? Here are a few suggestions.
"Elmo" Sex Scandal
Today is not a sunny day on Sesame Street. Kevin Clash, the voice actor and puppeteer behind Elmo, the show's most popular character, has taken an indefinite leave of absence following allegations the he had sexual relations with an underage boy.