Now You Can Make Your Scrotum Look Young Again!
This morning on the Todd & Andy Show during "The Freaks" segment I read a story about a new product called "Scrotox". Yes, it's just what it sounds like... Botox for your sack. If you're vain enough to need it here are the benefits according to a…
God Has A Sense Of Humor
I stopped going to church years ago because frankly I just don't believe God is real. That said, on the off chance that I'm wrong, this beats the hell out of "Beer is proof that God is real and wants us to be happy."
Have You Had Any "Veggetti" Lately?
When my wife and daughter visited from California last week they brought this chef device with the naughty name with them. I have to believe the inventor knew what he or she was doing when they gave this tool its "easy to make sex jokes about" name...
Drop your inhibitions
I know that sex is personal. Not everyone likes to share what they do their partner. Some people might need a little direction.

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